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[完形填空]完形填空 I was 11 when I asked my mum for piano lessons

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I was 11 when I asked my mum for piano lessons. We were in an economic crisis and she'd recently been 11 off. She said a polite “no".

That didn't 12 me. I drew a keyboard onto a piece of paper and stuck it on my desk. I would 13        notes on an online keyboard and "play" them back on my paper one—keeping the sound they

made on the computer in my head. I spent six months playing without 14 a real piano. As my mum found I was 15 about it, she bought me 10 lessons with borrowed money.

I still remember the first one. I was 16 by how organic the sound of the piano was, as I had become familiar with the 17 electronic sound. The teacher was trying to explain where middle C was, but I could 18 play all the major and minor scales.

I 19 my grade one after eight lessons and got distinction. By the time I started secondary school, we couldn't 20 lessons again, so I returned to my paper keyboard. I passed grade three, then grade five, practising only on my piece of paper.

For the grades above that, there9s an 21 that you add a certain sensitivity into your playing. The music teacher at my school said I could practise on the school's grand piano. I would wake up at 5:30 am to get there in time and play until lessons started. I'd 22 lunch and then practise after school until the caretaker kicked me out. At home, I'd have dinner, do three hours of revision, and then 23 practice until 1:00 am.

My school didn't offer music A-level. I found the Purcell School for young musicians. The audition (试镜)was extremely  24 , and I felt overwhelmed. To my amazement, I was offered a 25 .

I had been told I had started playing too 26 to reach conservatoire (音乐学院)level, but when I left Purcell, I was awarded the senior piano prize. That was the point when I realized I wasn't behind everyone else. I am now at the Guildhall School in London, where I was offered a scholarship. I feel 27 : ifs been 10 years since I drew my paper piano and I'm at one of the world's 28 conservatoires.

The irony is that I continue to do a lot of my practice away from the piano~what we call mental practice. It 29 key areas of the mind that are less readily accessed by piano playing alone. The paper piano helped stimulate my 30 about how music works.


11. A. laid   B. pushed   C. dropped   D. knocked

 12. A. annoy   B. bother   C. embarrass D. discourage  

13. A. take   B. sign   C. click   D. compose  

14. A. seeing   B. touching   C. enjoying   D. choosing  

15. A. serious   B. careful   C. hesitant   D. nervous  

16. A. struck   B. puzzled   C. comforted   D. inspired  

17. A. natural   B. artificial   C. practical   D. magical  

18. A. only   B. still   C. hardly   D. already  

19. A. sat   B.joined   C. failed   D. repeated  

20. A. offer   B. teach   C. afford   D. observe  

21. A. attitude   B. expectation   C. opinion   D. opportunity  

22. A. avoid   B. miss   C. save   D. skip  

23. A. social   B. mental   C. mechanical   D. physical  

24. A. fascinating B. motivating  C. frightening  D. challenging

25. A. course  B. reward  C. place  D. certificate

26. A. soon  B. late  C. hurriedly  D. suddenly

27. A. proud  B. lucky  C. ambitious  D. grateful

28. A. grand  B. strict  C. leading  D. expensive

29. A. builds  B. covers  C. defines  D. unlocks

30. A. prediction  B. memory  C. curiosity  D. imagination

11. A  12. D  13. C  14. B  15. A  16. A  17. B  18. D  19. A   20. C 21. B  22. D  23. B  24. D  25. C  26. B  27. A  28. C  29. D   30. C