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[阅读理解]阅读理解We were five minutes into a severe winter storm-approaching Boston's Logan International Airport

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We were five minutes into a severe winter storm-approaching Boston's Logan International Airport-when I turned to the woman next to me and said,"Hey,would you mind chatting with me for a few minutes?"My seatmate seemed friendly and I suddenly felt desperate for a human connection.

"Sure.My name is Sue,"the woman replied,smiling warmly."What brings you to Boston?"I started to explain that I was on a business trip.Then the plane trembled violently,and I blurted out,"I might need to hold your hand too."Sue took my hand in both of hers,patted it,and held on tight.

 Sometimes a stranger can significantly improve our day.  ① A pleasant meeting with someone we don't know,even an unspoken exchange,can calm us when no one else is around.It may get us out of our own heads-a proven mood lifter-and help broaden our vision.Sandstrom, a psychologist and senior lecturer at the University of Essex,has found that people's moods improve

after they have a conversation with a stranger.And yet most of us resist talking to people we don't know or barely know. We worry about how to start, maintain,or stop it.We think we will keep talking and disclose too much,or not talk enough.We are afraid we will bore the other person.

We're typically wrong.

②   In a study in which Sandstrom asked participants to talk to at least one stranger a day for five days,99 percent said they had found at least one of the exchanges pleasantly surprising, 82 percent said they'd learned something from one of the strangers,43 percent had exchanged contact information,and 40 percent had communicated with one of the strangers again.

③ Multiple studies show that people who interact regularly with passing acquaintances or who engage with others through community groups,religious gatherings,or volunteer opportunities have better emotional and physical health and live longer than those who do not.One person took up the cello after chatting with a woman on the subway who was carrying one.Another recalled how the smile of a fruit salesman from whom he regularly bought bananas made him feel less lonely after he'd first arrived in a new city.

④ When Sue took my hand on that scary flight to Boston,I almost wept with relief."Hey,this is a little bumpy,but we will be on the ground safely soon,"she told me.She looked so encouraging,and confident.I asked her what she did for a living."I'm a retired physical education teacher,and I coached women' s volleyball,"she said.Immediately,I could see what an awesome coach she must have been.

When we said goodbye,I gave Sue a big hug and my card.A few days later,I received an e-mail with the subject line"Broken hand on Jet Blue.""I have to admit that I was just as scared as you were but did not say it,"Sue wrote."I just squeezed your hand as hard as I could.Thank you for helping me through this very scary situation."She added that when she'd told her friends about our conversation,they teased her because they know she loves to talk.I told my friends about Sue too.I explained how kind she was to me,and what I learned:It's OK to ask for help from a stranger if you need it. Now if I mention to my friends that I am stressed or worried,they respond,"Just think of Sue!”

65.The writer struck up a conversation with her seatmate because

A.they were heading for the same city on business

B.she was in urgent need of emotional comfort

C.the plane's abrupt movement was unbearable

D.the woman was friendlier than other passengers

66.What benefit does a pleasant exchange with strangers bring us?

A.It lights up our otherwise unsuccessful life.

B.It saves us the trouble of talking too much.

C.It improves our ability to think and understand.

D.It guarantees us a lasting feeling of happiness.

67.Why does the writer mention the study conducted by Sandstrom?

A.To present the benefits of interacting with acquaintances.

B.To show it lifts mood to make and meet with new friends.

C.To stress it is necessary to associate with unknown people.

D.To relieve anxiety about communicating with strangers.

68.The sentence"You don't even have to talk to complete strangers to obtain the benefit"can be put in_____

A.①             B.②              C.③          D.④

69.What does the underlined sentence imply?

A.The writer was impressed with Sue' s ability to inspire others.

B.The writer herself could have been a volleyball player.

C.Sue possessed obvious characters of a qualified PE teacher.

D.Sue became the coach of the writer as a consequence.

70.How did the writer probably feel while reading Sue' s e-mail?

A.Regretful.        B.Surprised.       C.Disappointed.           D. Satisfied.


“当然。 我叫Sue,”那位女士微笑着回答。 “是什么把你带到了波士顿?” 我开始解释我正在出差。 然后飞机剧烈抖动,我脱口而出,“我可能也需要握住你的手。” Sue牵着我的手,拍了拍,然后紧紧握住。

有时,一个陌生人可以明显改善我们的生活。 ①与一个我们不认识的人进行愉快的会面,即使是无声的交流,也可以在周围没有其他人的情况下使我们平静。 它可能使我们跳出自己的思维——一个已被证实的情绪提升手段——并有助于拓宽我们的视野。 埃塞克斯大学的心理学家和高级讲师Sandstrom发现,与陌生人交谈后,人们的情绪得到改善。 然而,我们大多数人都拒绝与我们不认识或几乎不认识的人交谈。 我们担心如何开始,维持或停止交谈。 我们认为我们会持续谈论并透露太多,或者谈论不够。 我们担心我们会使对方厌倦。 我们真的是想错了。

②在一项研究中,Sandstrom要求参与者连续五天,每天与至少一个陌生人交谈,其中99%的人说他们发现至少其中一个交流令人愉悦惊喜,而82%的人说他们从陌生人中的某一个那里学到了一些东西 ,有43%的人交换了联系信息,还有40%的人再次与一位陌生人进行了交流。

③多项研究表明,与相识的人定期互动或通过社区团体,宗教聚会或志愿服务机会与他人互动的人比起那些不这样做的人具有更好的情感和身体健康,寿命更长。 一个人在地铁上和一个带着一个大提琴的女人聊天后,他也开始学起了大提琴。 另一个人回忆起他经常买香蕉的水果推销员的笑容如何使他在初到新城后不再感到孤独。

④当Sue在飞往波士顿的颠簸的飞机上握住我的手时,那种宽慰几乎令我落泪。 “嘿,这是有点颠簸,但是我们很快就会安全降落,”她告诉我。她是如此的鼓舞和自信。我问她以何谋生。 她说:“我是一名退休的体育老师,我曾经指导女子排球。” 立刻,我可以看出她一定是一位了不起的教练。

当我们道别时,我给了Sue一个大大的拥抱和我的卡片。 几天后,我收到了一封电子邮件,主题为“ 捷蓝航空上无助的手”。 Sue说:“我必须承认,我和你一样害怕,但没有说出来。” “我只是尽力挤压了你的手。 谢谢您帮助我度过这个非常可怕的时刻。” 她补充说,当她告诉朋友我们的谈话时,他们嘲笑她,因为他们知道她喜欢聊天。 我也向我的朋友介绍了Sue。 我向他们解释了她对我的友善,以及我所学到的东西:如果需要,可以向陌生人寻求帮助。 现在,如果我对我的朋友们说我感到有压力或担心,他们会回答:“快想想Sue!”

65. 选B。作者当时身处颠簸的飞机上,内心紧张焦虑。和他人交谈,是为了舒缓自身的情绪。

66. 选C。从第三段..and help broaden our vision.可以找出答案,其他均未涉及。

67. 选D。第三段We worry about how to start, maintain, or stop it. We think we will keep talking and disclose too much, or not talk enough. We are afraid we will bore the other person. We’re typically wrong. 提出人们的焦虑,第四段Sandstrom的研究正是为了减轻人们的与陌生人的交际焦虑,A、B、C均非提及此项研究的目的。

68. 选C。本句的意思为“你甚至都不需要和完全的陌生人交流去获得好处。”言下之意,“你和认识的人交流也能获得好处”。第五段的内容则是表明与社区邻居、教友等熟人的交流能够带来身心健康的好处。

69. 选A。在颠簸的飞机上,Sue成功地舒缓了作者的紧张情绪。作者由此推断出她一定有能力去鼓舞他人。

70. 选B。在Sue寄给作者的电子邮件中,她坦承自己在颠簸的飞机上也非常害怕,只是没有说出来,这是作者没有想到的,因此作者读到这封信件时可能会感到意外。