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[语法填空]College students in China won't have to fear

更多 发布于:2020-05-21 21:33

College students in China won't have to fear __1__ ( fail) as much when launching their own businesses under a new Ministry of Education regulation.

According to the new rules, students who want to start their own business can apply to take a gap year between finishing high school and starting college. Students who __2__ (start) their college studies can also apply __3__ leave for several semesters and their period of schooling __4__ (extend). __5__ they are ready to return to their studies, they will also be able to change their majors.

Experts think the new regulation will __6__ (effect) relieve the pressure on college students by encouraging and supporting more of them __7__ (try) starting businesses.

College graduates now face severe competition for jobs, as the number of __8__ who are entering the job market grows each year. Last year saw __9__ record high of 7.65 million graduates.

Professor Ma Huaide, vice­president of CUPL, added that colleges should set up a special body to provide __10__ (good) services and guidance to students who want to start a business.

1. failure 2. have started 3. for /to 4. can be extended  5. When/If 6. effectively 7. to try 8. those 9. a  10. better