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[语法填空]Although I __1__ (grow) up not in the South, but in northern Wisconsin

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Although I __1__ (grow) up not in the South, but in northern Wisconsin, there are memories that are __2__same. We can all think about the past if those memories give __3__ (we)the strength to live today. Though today is a present and a gift, the __4__ (memory) of our families give us the strength to appreciate this “present”. Those memories of my childhood home, across the street from Grandpa and Grandma's home, bring memories of __5__ (eat) ice cream cones and swinging on the front porch swing and singing country songs __6__ (happy). There are memories of my dad reading the newspaper and mom, wearing her apron and making doughnuts in the kitchen. Pictures of the family all around are just like I have today in my home. My dad was a quiet man, __7__ never bought or borrowed anything unless he could afford it. My aunt lived in the bedroom upstairs and sang Polish and country songs with me. My brother is remembered __8__ my childhood friend when we played in the backyard. These memories are __9__ (root) in my heart and run deep. These memories give me __10__ (strong) to carry on the family values. These memories give me a “common” and “solid” ground in my life.

1. grew 2. the 3. us 4. memories 5. eating  6. happily 7. who 8. as 9. rooted 10. strength