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[语法填空]Longjing tea, __1__ has topped the list of the ten most famous teas in China

更多 发布于:2020-05-21 21:30

Longjing tea, __1__ has topped the list of the ten most famous teas in China with its color, taste and shape, __2__ (name) after its production region—Longjing Village of West Lake. The good environment and water resources have contributed much to the __3__ (grow) of the tea, confirming the saying that “Longjing tea is the __4__ (good) among all of the teas in the world”

Thanks __5__ Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty, the tea has earned a high reputation. The story went that Emperor Qianlong visited the mountain during his Hangzhou travels, and he saw some ladies picking the tea at __6__ foot of the mountain. He was so interested in their movements that he decided to have a go himself.

While __7__ (pick) the tea, he received the news of his mother's illness, so he carelessly put the leaves in his right sleeve and __8__ (leave) Hangzhou for Beijing. He visited his mother __9__ (immediate) upon his arrival in Beijing, and his mother smelt the fragrance of the tea leaves from his sleeves and wanted to have a taste. After drinking a cup of tea, she found herself completely __10__ (refresh), and she even praised it as a cure for all ills. From then on, it was listed as the tribute tea.

1. which 2. is named 3. growth 4. best 5. to 6. the

7. picking 8. left 9. immediately 10. refreshed