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[语法填空]People usually think of fishing as a warm­weather pastime

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People usually think of fishing as a warm­weather pastime. But some fishers say the activity is best when it is __1__ (freeze) outside. Those people are called ice fishermen. When it gets really cold, they are in their element. In parts of the northern United States and all over Canada, ice fishing is a big sport. People wait all year __2__ lakes and rivers in their cities to freeze. They drive trucks and snowmobiles on the ice, cut a hole into the water, and drop a lure.

Here is how it__3__ (work)

First, fishers drill a hole in the ice, drop a line into the water and wander around, __4__ (wait). Hopefully, a fish bites the hook at the end of the line. It is just like regular fishing, but it __5__(do) in winter.

The fishermen wear heavy coats and gloves __6__(stay) warm. Some people build small shelters on the ice around __7__hole. They leave the shacks(窝棚) on the ice all winter, so they can come and go__8__ (easy). The shelters provide some __9__(protect) from the cold and wind.

The Minneapolis Star­Tribune reports that by January 5, ice fishing was active. Resorts are busy with those__10__like to catch fish.

1. freezing 2. for 3. works 4. waiting 5. is done

6. to stay 7. the 8. easily 9. protection 10. who