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[语法填空]If you've never heard of an egg­laying mountain

更多 发布于:2020-05-21 21:29

If you've never heard of an egg­laying mountain, you probably don't know about Chan Da Ya, __1__ fantastic cliff(悬崖) that lays stone eggs every 30 years.

Located in China's Guizhou Province, Chan Da Ya__2__ means “egg laying cliff”has been puzzling geologists for decades. The cliff has a rough surface spotted with dozens of round and oval­shaped stones of various sizes. As the elements(自然环境) continue to eat away at the cliff, the harder “eggs” become even more exposed and __3__ (eventual) fall out.

The egg­laying phenomenon of Chan Da Ya __4__ (consider) unique, so geologists who hope to come up with an __5__ (explain) have had to travel to the remote mountainous region __6__ (study) it first­hand.

The local people have known about the egg­laying cliff for generations, and many of __7__ (they) frequently visit it to touch the “god eggs” for good luck. In recent years, Chan Da Ya __8__ (become) so popular as a tourist destination that most of the eggs have been sold __9__ profit. There are only about 70 eggs in Gulu today, and any new ones ready to fall off from the cliff are often stolen by treasure hunters.

__10__ Chan Da Ya is the largest egg­laying cliff on Mount Gandeng, it is certainly not the only one.

1. a 2. which 3. eventually 4. is considered

5. explanation 6. to study 7. them 8. has become

9. for 10. While/Although/Though