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Chapter One

Falling Through the Rabbit Hole

1.It was the middle of the day one summer when Alice, sitting lazily at the edge of the river bank with her sister, became very tired.


2.Neither did Alice think it very remarkable to hear the Rabbit say to himself as he sped past.

听到兔子自言自语并快速从旁边经过,Alice也没有觉得有什么异常。(句型Neither/Nor did sb do sth 表示某人也没有做...)

3.Thinking about it afterwards, it did occur to her that she ought to have wondered about hearing a White Rabbit saying he was late for a date, but at the time, it all seemed quite natural and didn't occur to her in the least.

后来想到它时,她突然想到她本应该弄明白听到白兔说约会迟到这事的。但是,那时一切都很自然,她根本就没有去想这事。(It did occurr to sb that从句,某要突然想到...did在这里强调谓语动词occur,相当于It occurred to sb that从句; ought to have done本应该做...; the least根本不,根本没有)

4.Seeing this, Alice jumped to her feet in a flash.

看到这一幕,Alice马上一跃而起。(jump to one's feet 一跃而起,跳起来; in a flash立刻,一瞬间)

5. Burning with curiosity, she ran away from the riverbank and across the field to chase after him. She caught up just in time to see the Rabbit jump down a large rabbit hole that was under a low-hanging bush.

出于好奇心,她从河岸跑开,穿过田野去追兔子。正好看到他从低垂的灌木丛下面的兔子洞跳下去。(Burning with curiosity比Out of curiosity更能表现出Alice的好奇心, 非谓语Burning燃烧,都是学过的语法与词汇,这样使用是不是更生动?如果不阅读,你从课本中是学不到的!chase after...追赶...; in time to do sth正好赶上做...)

6.Without stopping to think, Alice jumped in the hole after him. She didn't even stop to consider where the hole might go.

没有停下来想一想,Alice跟在他后面跳进洞里。她没有停下来想一想这洞会通向哪里。(without stopping to think同义的表达有without another thought想也没想或without hesitation)

7. She quickly grabbed a jar from one of the shelves as she passed. It was labeled "Orange Jam", but it was empty. Alice was greatly disappointed, for she did so enjoy eating orange jam, and a little taste of jam would have been quite nice.

她很快地抓起其中一个书架的一只罐子。上面贴着标签"桔子酱",但是空的。Alice感到很失望,因为她很喜欢吃桔子酱,品尝一点她都会很开心。(grab sth抓住...; for因为...; a taste of sth 品尝)

8.Alice was not hurt or injured in the least and in a second quickly jumped to her feet.

Alice根本没有受伤,她很快一跃而起。( the least根本没有;in a second相当于in a flash立刻)

9.In front of her was another long passage and she just managed to catch sight of the White Rabbit hurrying down it.

在她的前面是另一个长长的通道,她正好看到兔子匆匆下去。(in front of her was another long passage是全部倒装句;manage to do sth设法做到...;catch sight of...看到...)

10.Away flew Alice like the wind, and was just in time to hear him say.

Alice象风一样的飞走了,正好听到他说话。(Away flew Alice是全部倒装句; in time to do sth 正好做...)

11.She was just ready to catch up with him when she went around the corner, but to her surprise, the Rabbit was nowhere to be seen.

她正准备赶上他,这时她转了一个弯,使她吃惊的是,兔子不见了。(be just ready to do sth正准备做...; sb/sth be nowhere to be seen....不见了)

12. Alice found herself entering a long hall with a low ceiling. The hall was lit by a row of hanging lamps.

Alice发觉自己进了一个长长的天花板很低的大厅。一排悬挂的灯照亮了大厅。(find oneself doing...发现自己在做...)

13. There were doors on all sides of the hall, but they were all locked. Alice walked down one side and up the other, trying every door, but no use. She walked sadly down the middle and began to wonder how she would ever get out again.

大厅的四周都是门,但是都锁着。Alice来回地走着,试着打开每个门,但是没有用。她伤心地走到大厅中央,开始想弄明白怎样能出去。(trying every door, but no use但是没有用)

14. However, going up and down the hall once more, Alice noticed a low curtain she had not seen before. Behind the curtain was a little door only fifteen inches high.

然而,当Alice再次来回在大厅走动时,她注意到她之前没有看到过的一个很低的窗帘。窗帘后有一个大约只有十五英寸的小门。(going...在这里作状语;behind the curtain was a little door是全部倒装;notice sth sb had not seen before...注意到她之前没有看到过的...)

15. After waiting a while and seeing that nothing more happened, she decided to head for the garden. But bad luck for poor Alice! When she reached the door, she realized that she had forgotten to bring the little gold key.

等了一会、看到没有再发生什么事以后,她决定走向花园。但是糟糕的是,当她到门口时,她意识到她忘了带那把小金钥匙。(after doing... sb decided to do sth....之后,某要决定做...; But bad luck for sb但是糟糕的是)

16.However, nothing happened and she was quite disappointed to see that she was still only 10 inches tall.

然而,什么也没有发生。她失望的发现她还是只有十英寸高。(be disappointed to see...失望地发现...)

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Alice Cries a Lake of Tears

1.Life is getting more and more curiouser," said Alice, who suddenly realized that she was also forgetting how to speak good and proper English.

"日子变得越来越奇怪了,"Alice说道。他突然注意到忘了如何说对的合适的英语。(...said sb, who...结构,非限制性定语从句,说明前面的sb)

2.Looking down at the ground, she saw to her amazement that her feet were so far away from her head that they were almost out of sight. "Good-bye, feet!" she cried out to them.

她低头看着地面,吃惊地看到她的双脚离她的头那么远以致于看不见它们了。(Looking ...非谓作状语;to one's amazement使人吃惊的是;out of sight看不见;cry out to sb向某人呼喊)

3.Alice started to wonder why she was thinking such strange thoughts when all of a sudden her head hit the roof of the hall.

Alice开始想弄明白为什么她有这样奇怪的想法,突然她的头撞到了大厅的顶部。(wonder why...想弄明白为什么;all of a sudden突然)

4.Sad and defeated, she again burst into tears.

又伤心又泄气的,她再次大哭起来。(sad and defeated,形容词作状语说明主语的状态,你注意到这一用法 了吗?)

5.Soon, she heard the soft sound of feet coming from a distance. Hastily she dried her eyes, because she couldn't see who was coming through all her tears.

不久,她听到了从远处传来的轻柔的脚步声。她匆匆地擦干眼泪,因为透过眼泪她看不到谁来了。(hastily['heɪstɪlɪ] adv.匆忙地;急速地;dry one's eyes相当于wipe one's tears)

6.But to Alice's surprise, the Rabbit stopped when he saw her and hurriedly ran away, dropping his white kid gloves and fan.

但是使Alice奇怪的是,当兔子看到她时,他停了下来,然后急匆匆地跑了,掉下了他的儿童手套与扇子。(when he saw her作The Rabbit stopped的时间状语,dropping...作ran away的伴随状语)

7.As she was speaking, the wheels in Alice's mind kept turning around and around.

当她说话的时候,Alice的大脑一直在转动着。(用the wheels in one's mind描写比较形象)

8.Alice took a deep breath, stopped all her thinking for a moment and then continued.

Alice深深地吸了一口气,什么也不想,然后继续下去。(took...stopped and then continued结构,一系列的动作描写)

9.The confused girl cried with another sudden burst of tears.

这个迷惑的女孩再次突然大哭起来。(with another sudden brust of tears再次突然大哭起来)

10."Dear me! I wish I hadn't cried so much before," said Alice as she swam about the lake, trying to find her way out.

"天哪!但愿我以前没有哭得那么凶就好了,"当Alice在湖里到处游,设法找到出路时,她说道。(I wish I hadn't done但愿我过去没有做过...虚拟语气;注意as引导的时间状语从句以及伴随状语trying...)

11.At any rate, there's no harm in trying to speak to him. I hope he won't run away like that Rabbit."

反正,同他说话也没有什么害处。我希望他不会像那只兔子一样跑了。(at any rate=anyway无论如何;There is no harm in doing sth做...没有什么害处)

12.Alice guessed that this must be the right way of addressing a mouse, although she had never addressed a mouse before.

Alice猜测这一定是同老鼠说话的最佳方法,尽管她以前从没有同老鼠说过话。(熟词生义address sb向…说话,如:I was surprised when he addressed me in English.他用英语跟我说话,我很诧异。)

13.The Mouse looked at her rather oddly and then winked at her with one eye.

老鼠相当奇怪的看着她,然后他用一只眼冲她眨了眨。(wink at sb[wɪŋk]冲某人眨了眨眼;oddly ['ɒdlɪ]adv. 古怪地)

14.The Mouse quickly leaped out of the water like lightning and started to shake all over with fright.

老鼠像闪电一样很快地从水里一跃而起开始害怕得全身发抖。(leap out of...从...跳起来;with fright因为害怕; all over浑身)

A Party Race and a Long Story

15.They talked for a little while about this, and after a few minutes, Alice started to feel more and more comfortable in their company.

他们为此交谈了一会,过了一会儿,Alice开始觉得在他们的陪伴下舒服多了。(in one's company在某人的陪伴下;after a few minutes一会儿以后)

16.He began such a long and boring story about English history that the whole group was nearly put to sleep.

他开始讲长而无聊的英国历史以致于整群人都想睡觉。(put sb to sleep让某人睡觉)

17.An old Crab used the opportunity as a lesson for her daughter, saying, "Now my dear, let this be a lesson about why you should never lose your temper."

一只老螃蟹借此机会教训她的女儿,说道:"亲爱的,让这件事成为你为什么不能发脾气的教训吧!"  (use the opportunity as a lesson for sb借此机会教训某人;lose one's temper发脾气)

18."Dinah's my sweet cat," Alice replied eagerly, and her whole face brightened as she spoke.

"Dinah是我最亲的猫," Alice急切地说,说话时她的脸上散发着光芒。(brighten相当于light up 露出喜色, 如:His face lit up at the sight of Cynthia.看到辛西娅时,他面露喜色。Sue's face lit up with surprise. Sue的脸上露出惊喜的神情)

19.Giving various excuses, all the creatures left and poor Alice was once again all alone.

找出各种借口,所有的动物都离开了, Alice再一次孤身一个。(这样的情景你是不是遇到过呢? 朋友们give various excuses离开你,让你孤身一人好伤心)

20.However, in a little while, she heard the soft sound of footsteps approaching in the distance. She looked up, hoping to see the Mouse coming back to finish his story.

然而,过了一会儿,她听到了轻柔的脚步声从远处靠近。他抬头看,希望看到老鼠回来讲完故事。(in a little while过了一会儿; hoping作伴随状语)
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The Rabbit Decides to Send in a Little Bill for Help

1. It was the White Rabbit, running back again. He was looking anxiously about, like he had lost something important. "  

look anxiously about 着急地四处张望;like=as if好像;

2. Then came the sound of his soft feet on the stairs. Alice knew he would soon find her. She started to shake all over from fright, making the house shake as well.

Then came the sound...全部倒装句;shake all over from fright因为害怕而全身发抖

3. No doubt, it sounded like an excellent plan. However, there was the difficulty of not knowing how to carry out the plan.
No doubt 毫无疑问;not doing sth动名词的否定式直接在前面加not;

4. However, he didn't seem much interested in her, though, and did not pay the slightest attention to her or to anything else.

though副词,然而;not the slightest =not...the least根本不,根本没有.如:He's not the slightest bit worried. 他一点儿也不担心。

5. She didn't really have the slightest idea. While she was anxiously looking among the trees, she heard what sounded like a sharp little bark just over her head. She immediately looked up.

what sounded like...作heard的宾语,听起来像是...声音

The Caterpillar Gives Some Advice

6. The Caterpillar and Alice both looked silently at each other for what seemed like quite a long time. At last the Caterpillar stopped smoking, took the hookah out of his mouth and addressed Alice in a lazy, sleepy voice.

what seemed like quite a long time.作for的宾语,似乎很长时间;address sb对某人说

A Strange Baby and Some Pepper

7. Alice stood looking at the house, wondering what to do. Suddenly, a well-dressed servant came running from the other side of the wood.

came running...跑过来,这一用法常在come后加ing

8. Every now and then Alice could hear what seemed to be a terrible crash, as if dishes were being thrown about and broken to pieces.

Every now and then不时地;what seemed to be a terrible crash似乎是可怕的撞击声

9. Just then the front door of the house opened. A very large plate came flying out and looked like it was heading straight at the Frog-Servant's head. Fortunately, it flew past his nose and broke into several pieces against one of the trees behind him.

came flying out飞出来;这里的look like相当于look as if...

10. “What's the use of talking to him," Alice said, throwing her hands up in the air. "He's a perfect idiot." With that, she went inside the house and found herself standing in the middle of a large kitchen.

throwing her hands up in the air她的手在空中挥舞;with that说了这些话后;

A Mad Tea Party

11. He seemed to be getting impatient with Alice's lack of understanding.

be/get impatient with sb对...不耐烦;one's lack of understanding某人的不理解;

12. She tapped her spoon against the glass pot to get everyone's attention.

tap轻敲;get one's attention引起某人的注意

13. The others looked at her in great surprise, wondering how she could possibly have an idea about Time.

Back to the Start

14. Even though it was quite rude, Alice was alarmed by the March Hare's remark.

be alarmed by...感到吃惊害怕;如:People began to feel alarmed about the cholera. 人们开始对此感到惊恐起来。

15. The Dormouse(冬眠鼠) quite slowly opened his eyes, yawned and replied, "I wasn't asleep. I heard every word you were saying."

16. "There's no such thing as a treacle(糖浆)well," Alice cried angrily.

There's no such thing as...没有...那样的东西

17. Alice couldn't stand any more of their rude behavior, so she stood up angrily and walked away.

18. In their company was the White Rabbit, who was running about and talking nervously.  

in one's company=in the company of sb在某人的陪伴下

19. Alice could feel her heart beating quickly, and her legs started to shake. She was even having trouble breathing, and she felt dizzy. For a moment, she was afraid she would faint.

20. Suddenly, everybody turned to look at Alice. She had never been so frightened in her whole life.
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1."Did you cut their heads off?" shouted the Queen so loudly that Alice's ears hurt.

 "你们砍了他们的头了吗?"女王大声喊叫,以致于Alice的耳朵都感到疼痛。(用... that Alice's ears hurt来描述声音之响)

2. Quite rudely, Alice answered, "How should I know?" She was surprised at her new courage. "It's no business of mine." She continued, not able to stop herself from being impolite.

Alice相当粗鲁地回答,"我怎么知道?” 她对自己的勇气很是吃惊,然后她继续说道,"这不关我的事。" 她止不住自己这样无礼。(not able to do sth形容词作状语,说明主语she的状况)

3. "Yes," said Alice, glad to be talking about something else after such an unpleasant situation.

"是的,"Alice说道,她很高兴在那样的不开心的情形之后能谈论别的事情。(glad to do sth 在这里也是形容词作状语)

4. He looked anxiously over his shoulder, as if he expected to have his own head cut off for speaking about it.

他急切地转过头来,好像期望因为说过这个事有人要砍他的头一样。(look over one's shoulder转过头来;as if sb expected to do 好象期望做...)

5. Alice couldn't help but give a little scream of laughter.

Alice禁不住尖声大笑。(can't help but do sth 禁不住;give a scream of laughter尖声大笑)

6. Standing beside Alice, he looked with great curiosity at the Cat's head.

站在Alice旁边,他好奇地看着猫的头。(standing分词作状语;with great curiosity相当于curiously)

7. "Don't be so uncivilized," commanded the King, "and don't look at me in that way."


8. "You just can't imagine how terribly glad I am to see you again!" said the Duchess.

公爵夫人说道,"很难想象再次看到你我是多么的高兴!"(You just can't imagine how adj I am to do sth句型,你很难想象做...我是多么的...)

9. And the lesson of that is, 'Birds of a feather flock together.'"

此事的启示是,"物以类聚"。(The accident taught me a lesson I'll never forget. 那事故给我的教训永远也不会忘记。There's still one lesson to be learned from it.从中我们还可以吸取一个教训)

10. But to Alice's great surprise, and also her relief, the Duchess' voice stopped in the middle of her favorite word, "lesson". Alice could feel the Duchess' arm begin to shake. Looking up, she saw the Queen standing in front of them, frowning and unhappy like a thunderstorm.

但是,使Alice吃惊,也使她欣慰的是,公爵夫人的声音在她最喜欢的"教训"这个字上停了一来。Alice感到她的手臂开始在挥动。当Alice抬头看时,她看到女王就站在他们面前,皱着眉头,如雷雨般地不开心。(to one's great surprise and also one's relief既吃惊又欣慰;like a thunderstorm如雷雨般地,描写生气的样子)

11. "Now I give you a chance," shouted the Queen. She was stamping her foot on the ground out of anger.

女王大叫道,"我现在给你一个机会。"他生气地直跺脚。(stamp one's foot on the ground跺脚;out of anger由于生气)

12. But the moment they saw her approaching, they hurried back to the field.

但是,一看到她靠近,他们匆匆地回到场地。(the moment作连词用,相当于as soon as,同类表达的还有the instant; the minute; see sb approaching看到某人靠近;hurry back to sp匆匆地回到某地)

13. It wasn't long before no arches were left at all.

不久,没有一个拱门留下来。(句型It wasn't long before...,意为"不久,...")

14. The Queen, quite out of breath from yelling and screaming, went up to Alice and asked, "Have you seen the Mock Turtle yet?"

女王因为大声喊叫而气喘吁吁地向Alice走过来并且问道:"你见过素甲鱼吗?"(out of breath from yelling and screaming因为大声喊叫而气喘吁吁地; go up to sb向某人走过去)

15. She walked off and left Alice alone with the Gryphon.

她走开了,留下Alice一个人和鹰头狮在一起。(walk off走开;leave sb alone with...留下某人一个人与某人在一起)

16. Getting close to him, Alice could hear him sighing so sadly that it sounded like his heart would break.

当Alice靠近他时,她听到他在伤心地叹气,如此伤心以致听起来好像他的心都要碎了。(get close to...靠近...; it sounded like/as if ...听起来好像... )

17. Still she waited patiently, sitting in a very lady-like way with her hands folded on her lap.

她耐心地等待,像一个淑女一样将双手放在脚上。(in a very lady-like way以一个淑女样子;with one's hands on her lap双手放在膝上)

18. But she knew there was no chance of this, so she began looking about her to take her mind off how hungry she was.

但是,她知道没有这个可能,因此,她开始到处看看以便忘掉她有多饥饿。(There is no chance of doing sth 没有...的可能性;look about相当于look around; take one's mind off忘掉;不去想)

19. He just sat with his mouth open, looking up at the ceiling of the court as if he were in a dream.

他张开嘴坐着,抬头看着法庭的天花板好像在做梦一样。(with his mouth open张着嘴;look up at...抬头看)

20. Yet he also frowned at the King and made funny faces at the same time, as if trying to tell the King something.

然而,他对着国王皱眉,同时做着鬼脸,好像想告诉国王什么事。(frown at sb对某人皱眉;as if doing sth好像正在做某事)

21. Then the whole pack rose up suddenly into the air. They flew down on Alice. Screaming, Alice tried to fight them and hit them away.

然后,整盒纸牌突然飞到空中,飞落在Alice身上。Alice尖叫着想与他们搏斗并赶走他们。(When you let go a balloon filled with hydrogen it will rise up into the air.你一撒手,充满氢气的气球就会升上天空)

22. Down deep in her own heart, she knew that she'd remember it her whole life.

在她的内心深处,她知道她将会永远记得此事。(down deep in one's heart在某人的内心深处)