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01. The coldness and anger inside his heart made his body look very strange.


02. There was no warmth in his body, in his mind, or in his heart.

他的身体冰冷,内心冷漠。(用词上采用反向思维, warmth代替了coldness)

03. His long, thin nose was red, his thin lips were blue, and his small eyes were as blue as ice. He walked slowly, and his face always had the same sour, angry expression. He always wore a coat, even if it was a beautiful spring day. His voice was as cold as a bitter wind, and unpleasant to listen to. Scrooge seemed to like the cold. He never warmed his office or his house at all, even in the coldest days of the year, or on Christmas!


04. No cold winter could make him cold, and no warm summer day could make him warm. This is because nothing was colder and bitterer than old Scrooge himself. The heaviest, coldest rains and snows in London were better than Scrooge, because they were nicer to look at.

(形象地描写了Scrooge的冷漠无情,使用了句型“Nothing be 比较级 than...”没有比...更...)

05. No beggars asked him for money, and no children asked him what time it was. No one ever asked Scrooge the directions to this or that place. Even the dogs of London wanted to stay away from him.

(使用了排比句, No...asked...; 最后一句,"甚至狗都想避开他",简单一句话,刻画了Scrooge令人讨厌的人物形象。)

06. Suddenly Scrooge and Bob heard a cheerful voice. "Merry Christmas, uncle, and God bless you!" someone said. It was Scrooge's nephew, who had suddenly run into the building.

突然, Scrooge与Bob听到了一个令人愉快的声音,“圣诞快乐!叔叔,上帝保佑您。” 有人说道。是Scrooge的侄子,他突然跑进楼。(对一个故事人物出场的描写)

07. Scrooge's nephew had walked so quickly through the snow and fog that his cheeks were red, and his skin seemed to glow. His face was handsome, and his eyes sparkled happily.

(对正面人物的外貌描写,red, glow, handsome, sparkle几个词,描写了侄子善良、快乐的性格)

08. He did stop for a moment, and look at the doorknob again cautiously, as if he expected to see the terrible face of his old partner staring at him. But there was nothing there.


09. Very upset and afraid, Scrooge glanced around him, almost expecting to see his body covered with terrible heavy chains like the ghost's.

既担心又害怕,Scrooge看了看他的周围,几乎看到了他的身上如同这个幽灵的身体上一样戴着可怕的沉重的枷锁。(very upset and afraid,形容词作状语的用法,常用来描写或说明主语的状态或心理状态。)

10. My curse is that I must walk the world, never resting! When I was alive, my mind never left our office. I was always thinking of money, and more ways to become rich. Now I must roam the world, never stopping!"


11. "Yes! No rest, no peace. I live in regret!" cried the ghost, and gave another terrible cry.


12. "If I had, I might have been saved!" Scrooge saw that tears were falling down the ghost's face.

“如果我那样做的话,我可能会被救赎。" Scrooge看到眼泪从幽灵的脸上流下来。(与过去事实相反的虚拟条件句)

13. He wondered what terrible thing the ghost was about to tell him.

他不知道幽灵将会告诉他什么可怕的事情。(be about to do “即将做...")

14. Scrooge undressed, climbed into bed, and fell asleep as soon as his head touched the pillow.

Scrooge脱衣,上床,一碰到枕头就睡着了。(undressed, climbed, fell一系列的动作描写,fell asleep as soon as his head touched the pillow很好地描写了Scrooge极度疲惫的状况。)

15. This idea was so upsetting to Scrooge that he jumped out of bed and ran to the window.


16. Amazed and frightened, Scrooge sat up in bed to see the owner of the hand. A small, strange person, or creature, stood before him.


17. Scrooge thought to himself that he wished the Ghost had come in the daytime, so that he could sleep. But the Ghost knew what he was thinking.

Scrooge心里想着,但愿幽灵白天来,这样他就可以睡觉了。但幽灵知道他在想什么。(think to oneself"心里想”;wish that ...had done与过去事实相反的虚拟句。)

18. It was a clear, cold winter day, and the sun was shining. The thick snow sparkled on the ground. He gave a great cry of surprise: "Why, I know this place! I grew up here. I was a child here!"

(冬日雪景描写;give a cry of surprise"吃惊地喊出声来”)

19. Each smell and sound reminded Scrooge of memories—things he had not thought of in years!


20. Scrooge and the Ghost walked along the road. Scrooge knew every tree and little house along the way.


21. In one of the rooms a young boy sat in front of a small fire, reading a book. Scrooge cried out, and some tears rolled down his face.


22. The carriage went quickly down the path, which was lined on both sides with beautiful dark green trees. Snow sparkled everywhere. Scrooge could hear young Ebenezer and his sister laughing and singing in the carriage.


23. Fezziwig rubbed his large hands together, stood up, and laughed a loud, cheerful laugh.


24. "You fear the world too much," Belle said gently. "All your hopes and dreams have died, except for the dream of money and success. What are you afraid of, Ebenezer? You do not talk to me, the way you used to."

“除了梦想挣钱与成功,你所有的希望与梦想都死了", (die拟人手法)

25. "Ebenezer, you must face the truth!" Belle said, staring at him. "Your nature has changed, and your life is different. All you do is work, and think about money. All the thoughts, ideas, and feelings that you used to have are gone now."

你所做的一切是工作并想着挣钱。你过去拥有的思想与情感现在都消失了。All you do is (to) do作定语从句修饰all; that you used to have是定语从句修饰all the thoughts, ideas, and feelings.

26. Ebenezer was about to speak, but she turned her head away from him and continued speaking.


27. Old Scrooge felt as if a knife was cutting his heart.

“心里好象刀割一样。” 运用了比喻手法,描写Scrooge当时伤心欲绝的心情。

28. Soon they heard a knock at the door. The children held their older sister's hands and dragged her over to their father, who had just come home. A man was with him, and his arms were full of Christmas toys and gifts! The deliveryman was attacked by the happy children, who reached into his pockets, grabbed all the gifts, put their arms around his neck, and kicked his legs excitedly!

hold握着;drag拉着;be attacked by 被围着; reached into...伸进... put one's arms around his neck抱着...kick踢着;一系列的动作描写。

29. All sorts of wild ideas went through Scrooge's head, but eventually he realized that the light might be coming from his sitting room. So he took a deep breath and slowly walked over to open the door. What amazing or terrible sight would he see?


30. But the most amazing thing of all was the floor of the sitting room. The floor was covered with Christmas foods of all kinds. There were chickens, ducks, turkeys, roast meats, sweet candies, ripe fruits, and many other delicious dishes. There were large bowls filled with wine and beer. Scrooge had never seen so much food in his life! These foods and drinks were piled up on the floor in a small mountain. And on top of the pile sat a giant man who held a torch in his hand.

But the most amazing thing of all is/was ...最令人吃惊的是...; be piled up堆积; 一个巨人坐在这堆食物上,手里拿着火把。(On top of the pile sat a giant man是全部倒装句,后面的非限制性定语从句也可以用with a torch in his hand 或 holding a torch in his hand来代替。)

31. But it seemed to Scrooge that happiness was in the air. The people who were sweeping the snow off the streets were laughing and talking together. Sometimes they would even throw snowballs at each other, like small children.


32. For some reason, the fruits and vegetables looked especially bright and delicious. There were many kinds of nuts, large and brown. Someone was roasting the nuts, and their delicious smell filled the air.


33. Looking at all this beautiful food, Scrooge began to feel extremely hungry.

当看到美味的食物,Scrooge开始感到非常地饥饿。(looking非谓语动词作时间状语,相当于While Scrooge was looking at all this beautiful food,...)

34. The scents of tea and coffee filled the air.

空气中充满了茶与咖啡的香味。(相当于The air was filled with the scents of tea and coffee.)

35. Bob's voice was trembling with emotion as he spoke to his wife, and Mrs Crachit shook her head in amazement at their little son. Bob's voice trembled even more, with happiness, when he said that Tiny Tim seemed to be growing a little stronger.

当Bob对妻子说话时,声音激动地发抖。Mrs Crachit吃惊地对着小儿子摇头。当Bob说Tim似乎长得强壮了,他的声音因高兴面颤抖。

36. Scrooge hung his head. He remembered what he had said to the gentlemen in his office, the men who had asked him to give money to the poor. How terribly he had acted! Scrooge's heart was filled with shame and sadness.

hang one head, 低着头;be filled with shame and sadness, 心里充满着惭愧与伤感。

37. Scrooge turned his face away and bent his head even lower at the Ghost's words. He looked at the ground, feeling terrible.


38. The mention of Scrooge's name made everyone quiet for a few minutes. But then the unhappiness went away, as if it had never happened.

提到Scrooge的名字使得每个人沉默了一会儿。但是这种不快很快消失了好象没有发生过似的。(使用了物称主语mention, unhappiness,使句子更加简洁精炼。)

39. Then, all of a sudden, the whole scene changed without a word of warning from the Ghost. Scrooge realized that they were standing on a wide, flat field outside the city. It was dark and cold, but the red sun shone its last light on some large stones on the flat ground. The stones were large and tall. There was a stream, with frozen water in it. Everywhere there was dead grass. It was a terrible, lonely, frightening place.

景物描写,描写了一个可怕的,偏僻的地方。all of a sudden相当于suddenly; without (a word) of warning, 突然地。

40. I will tell you a great truth about the world, dear reader. Even though there is much unhappiness, suffering, sickness, and greed in the world, there is nothing more powerful than laughter and good humor. Laughter and joy are more powerful than the worst tragedy.

句型:There is nothing 比较级than something“没有比...更..." 如:There is nothing more important than education."没有比教育更重要的事了。”

41. When Scrooge heard Fred's wife playing this old song, memories of his dear sister filled his mind.

Momories of ...filled one's mind可以用来表示“某人想到了..."。如:Memories of my happy childhood filled my mind. “我想到了我快乐的童年时光。”

42. The Ghost's silence frightened Scrooge more than anything else.


43. Just as Scrooge and the Ghost entered the room, the door opened and an old woman came in.

当Scrooge与幽灵进入房间时,门开了,一个老太太走了进来。(and an old woman came in。也可有完全倒装。...and in came an old woman.)

44. The mother seemed to be waiting for something, because she walked up and down the room. She had a worried look on her face. Scrooge thought that she was probably expecting a guest, because she looked at the clock every few minutes.

seem to be waiting for something; walk up and down; have a worried look on her face; look at the clock every few minutes. 描写了the mother担心的样子。

45. "I will never forget the lessons that the Three Ghosts of Christmas have taught me." cried Scrooge, tears running down his face.

"我永远不会忘记三个圣诞精灵给我的教训。” Scrooge哭着说,眼泪从他的脸上流下来。(tears running down his face, 独立主格结构,在句中作状语)