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[阅读理解]阅读理解 There is a very long list of rules for the New York City subway

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There is a very long list of rules for the New York City subway. Don’t put your feet on a seat, don’t carry open cups of coffee or soda, don’t take more than one seat... Those are just a few of the rules. There are hundreds more.

With so many rules, why is it still unpleasant to ride the subway?

Some people think that the problem is that no one enforces the rules. Other passengers sometimes try to enforce rules. But you can’t rely on them because New Yorkers have unwritten rules against talking to strangers and making eye contact with strangers. How can you tell someone to take her shopping bags off the seat and throw away her Coke without talking to her or looking at her? It is difficult.

There are other New Yorkers who think that the subway is unpleasant because there are not enough rules. One rider wrote a letter to The New York Times a couple of weeks ago suggesting a few more subway rules. Here are some of the rules that she would like to see:

—Don’t lean on the poles. You prevent other people from holding on. They can fall down.

—Talk quietly. The trains are already too noisy.

—Give your seat to elderly passengers or to parents with small children.

If those unwritten rules of etiquette are written down, will the rude people be more likely to follow them? It doesn’t make sense to make more rules that no one will enforce.

The real problem is that we are forgetting how to be nice to each other. It is embarrassing that we need a rule to tell us to give our seat to elderly passengers. Nobody should need to be reminded to do that.

I say we stop talking about the rules and try to remember our manners. Let’s be nice to each other not because a police officer might tell us to get off the train, but because it is the right thing to do. Then New York City would be more civilized —both above ground and below.

1. Don’t make eye contact and don’t talk to strangers are examples of .

A. New York subway rules B. personal preferences on the subway

C. behavioral habits in New York City D. unpleasant experiences on the subway

2. In the writer’s opinion, what measures should be taken?

A. The authority should set stricter rules.

B. The government should employ more police.

C. The citizens should ride the subway less.

D. Everyone should take better care of their behavior.

3. The underlined word “etiquette” is closest in meaning to .

A. manners B. phenomena C. festivals D. moods

4. The author wrote this article in order to .

A. introduce an unwritten rule for New Yorkers

B. describe an unpleasant ride on the subway.

C. present a real problem of disorder in the New York City.

D. give a civilized suggestion on improving the riding environment.

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