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[阅读七选五]阅读七选五 What are Britain's social customs?

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What are Britain's social customs?


British people place a high value on punctuality. __16_____ If you are unable to be punctual, it is expected that you call the person you are meeting. The following are some general tips.

You should arrive:

    ♦At the exact time for dinner, lunch, or appointments with doctors, lawyers and other professionals.

    ♦A few minutes earlier for public meetings, concerts, movies, sporting events, classes and weddings.


    If you receive a written invitation to an event, you should respond to let the person who sent the invitation know whether or not you plan to attend.

    __17_____ You may refuse by saying “Thank you for inviting me, but I will not be able to come.” If, after accepting, you are unable to attend, be sure to tell those expecting you as far in advance as possible that you will not be there.

    Though it isn't necessarily expected that you give a gift to your host, it is considered polite to do so. ___18____ Flowers, chocolate, or a small gift are all OK. A thank-you note or telephone call after the visit is also considered polite and is a good way to express your appreciation for the invitation.


    When you accept a dinner invitation, tell your host if you have any dietary restrictions. ____19___ Food may be served in one of several ways: "family style", by passing the serving plates from one to another around the dining table; "buffet(自助餐) style", with guests serving themselves at the buffet; "serving style", with the host filling each plate and passing it to each person. ___20____

A.Guests usually wait until everyone at their table has been served before they begin to eat.

B.No strict rules need to be followed.

C.Never accept an invitation unless you really plan to go.

D.He or she will want to plan a meal that you can enjoy.

E.It is often considered impolite to arrive even a few minutes late.

F.If you have been invited for a meal, you are advised to bring one.

G.Tell those expecting you as far in advance as possible that you will not be there.

答案:16-20: ECFDA

解析:16.本句应该和上文的信息"British people place a high value on punctuality"有关,英国人看重守时,不守时当然是不礼貌的行为,故选E项。

17.根据下文的信息"You may refuse by saying..."可知本句应该和拒绝有关,故C项合适。