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[阅读理解]阅读理解 Mature never stops being amazing,

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Mature never stops being amazing,” says Rosemary Mosco, master of humorous nature art. Her new book, Birding Is My Favorite Video Game, combines fascinating facts with charming pictures, and it’s guaranteed to make you laugh. In fact, the learning and laughing are both equally important to Rosemary.
There’s so much to love about birds,” notes Rosemary. “I admire that they’re real-life, modern dinosaurs! As an artist, I’m captivated by their color variations. Once you get into birds, the interest snowballs. You can find them almost everywhere. You start to notice subtle behaviors and wing patterns. You’ve never bored again. Teaching a kid to watch birds is a huge gift.”
Birds make regular appearances in Rosemary’s nature art comics (连环圆). She created charts explaining the songs and calls of common eastern and western birds. One of her most popular pieces is a flow chart helping you to decide whether or not to help a baby bird fallen from a nest. And her own personal favorite cartoon is about tiny owls, meant to be both motivational and mildly disturbing," Rosemary explains. “One reader asked me if we had any evidence that these owls can kill and eat a moose(驼鹿).My response was, not yet...”
Rosemary loves other animals, and is especially proud of a poster she drew showing every snake in the US and Canada. She also has a real soft spot for butterflies. “Their behaviors can be surprisingly complex," she points out. “They defend habitats with dogfights. They have complex relationships with poisonous plants, which amounts to an evolutionary arms race. Some of them eat waste and drink tears. Oh, and it helps that they gesture nicely for photos.
Mostly self-taught, Rosemary has taken a few art courses, even studying video game art for a bit. During her career, she’s created many educational charts, and has been working on some children’s science books. She also has an upcoming comics novel about the solar system.
“I’m excited to share more stories about the natural world,” Rosemary says about the future of her nature art comics. “Humor gives science wings!”
4.What are Rosemary’s comics like?
A.A novel of ecology and cartoons. B. A combination of nature art and science.
C. A mixture of entertainment and education. D. A book of hireling facts and behavior charts.
5. What does the underlined word “captivated” mean in Paragraph 2?
A.Puzzled. B. Shocked.
C. Fascinated. D. Encouraged.
6.The purpose of writing Paragraph 4 is to
A.share the content of Rosemary’s comics
B.explain the popularity of Rosemary’s art
C. prove the hardship of Rosemary’s creation
D. disclose the source of Rosemary's inspiration
7.What is Rosemary most likely to do next?
A. Take some art courses. B.Write a new birding book.
C. Draw the sun humorously. D. Observe moose’s behavior.
4.根据文章第一段中的master of humorous nature art 以及 In fact, the learning are laughing are both equally important to Rosemary.” 可知, Rosemary的作品具有寓教于乐的特点。故选C
5.根据第二段中的 “Once you get into birds, the interest snowballs.”以及You’re never bored again.” 可知,这些鸟儿五彩缤纷,活泼好动。一旦你接触这些鸟儿,对它们的兴趣就会像滚雪球一样越来越浓。你永远不会感到无聊, 反而会对它们着迷。故选C
6.纵观令文以及第四段的阐述,这里栩栩如生地描 述了其他各种动物,其主要目的是揭示Rosemary创作的源 泉。故选D
7. 根据倒数第二段的最后一句 “She also has an upcoming comics novel about the solar system.” 以及最后一段 中的Humor gives science wings!” 可知Rosemary 接下来可能 会用漫画形式表现太阳系。故选C

8.细节理解题。根据第一段最后一句"Today all three generations regard the move as a success, giving them a closer relationship than they would have had in separate cities.”可知,Garza搬到离子女家近的地方居住,使他们的家庭关系更加紧密。故选A项。