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—Which of these methods do you like best?

—_______. They are all more difficult to use than I have expected.


The World Bank discouraged the building of public transport in developing countries, which made the local people’s life _______ but convenient.


The survey shows that the US is still a favorite _______ for studying abroad.


Many people think that the sentence of death is too severe a(n) _______ for any crime.


They have launched a great _______ to push the government to sentence the arrested terrorists to death since the last terrorist attack.


There is no doubt that those who want to buy a house are _______ the proposal that the government should bring down the housing price.


The company reported Thursday that it would increase its production _______ 10% the next year.


_______ being fun and good exercise, swimming is a very useful skill.


Although these states and their people are diverse, they share the _______ goal of _______development.


The expanding population will bring about a heavy burden to education and public welfare, and _______ to the social stability.


The screenplay of The Great Gatsby manages to be _______ to the spirit of the original, which is appreciated by most of the audience.


To the man’s relief, he could _______ stations all over Europe with his new radio.


However, the government has been accused of _______ its election promises even though more changes have taken place.


To our disappointment, the school principal _______ his nephew in the list of candidates who are offered an opportunity to study in Singapore.


The statement that people must arrive at the school 10 minutes ahead of the beginning of the first class goes _______ both teachers and the school headmaster.


_______ wedding of the young couple in the UK has attracted _______ attention of millions of people in the world.


Tu Youyou was awarded the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, but before that no one could have imagined how great a role she _______ in the medicine field.


Yao Ming has been nominated for the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, which probably _______ him the first Chinese player to receive the honor. ks5uks5uKs5u]


It was playing video games that took the boy too much time that he _______ learning

A. could                            B. must                C. might              D.


_______ what would happen the next day, they would have had second thoughts.


—Jack, look at what you have done. You are supposed _______ your job by now. ks5uks5uKs5u.Com]

—Sorry, Miss Lee. I’ll hurry up.


The number of children being home educated _______ in Britain has increased by 65 percent over the six years.


Listen to the music carefully and see _______ you can remember the words.

A. what                           B. that                          C. if                             D. how


Dozens of people were waiting with a camera for _______ seemed like hours, hoping to catch a glimpse of the US First Lady, Michelle Obama.ks5uks5uks5u]

A. that                     B. when                      C. which                     D. what


We cannot understand the side effects of the medicine _______ we carry out long-term research into it.


It took what seemed to be years _______ the football star appeared, which made the fans disappointed and angry.


One writer _______ I have taken an interest since I took the American literature course is Ernest Hemingway.

28.尽管他的家里无法供他上学,但是他设法进了艺术学院,在那里,他极有绘画天赋的消息很快就传开了。Although his family couldn’t afford his education, he managed to find a place at the College of Art _______  word of his talent quickly spread.


_______ a passionate speech _______ at the school opening ceremony that we each were deeply moved and strongly inspired.


My teacher always tells me, “A man can be faced with a series of challenges, but _______ make a true man.”


John was 20 years old. He was a handsome and gifted    1   . But he stopped talking as much as he usually did after he graduated from high school. This year, his    2    reduced to nothing. His parents knew he was    3   , and continually told him that they loved him. Everyone was    4    about his well-being and wondered what they could say or do to help him, since saying “I love you”    5    wasn’t enough to improve his situation.

John finally made a(an)    6   . He locked himself in the cellar(地下室)and stayed there for three days without food.    7    he continued to acknowledge his parents’ love for him and his love for them, his depression    8   . His loved ones were    9    that he would even kill himself one day. Healthcare professionals were    10   , but the advice, care and kindness did not    11   . On the fourth day of John’s isolation(隔离), the local high school football    12   , who didn’t’ know John’s situation, happened to call him. John’s mother told him John was not    13    and took a message at the coach’s    14   . Then she went to the cellar door and called down the stairs, “John, Coach Ivers just phoned.” He said that his players    15    last night on who they wanted as their assistant coach. They said you were the greatest football athlete they had ever had and they though they could    16    the state championship if you helped to coach them. Coach Ivers said they need you! He said if you are interested, you should be at the football practice    17    at 14:45 this afternoon.” Hearing the message, John eventually came out of the cellar. He accepted the coaching job.    18    the time he came home from his first    19   , he had walked out of his depression. He once again found the great feeling of being    20   , and he was back to his old self.

1. A. judge                    B. athlete                 C. captain                D. professor

2. A. promise                  B. complaint             C. motivation            D. conversation

3. A. depressed                 B. awkward               C. innocent                 D. unconscious

4. A. curious                   B. positive                 C. frightened             D. concerned

5. A. directly                  B. properly              C. obviously              D. specially

6. A. move                    B. apology                     C. difference              D. deal

7. A. Because                     B. Although                    C. Unless                  D. When

8. A. acquired                  B. recovered             C. deepened              D. withdrew

9. A. amazed                   B. confused              C. bored                  D. convinced

10. A. taken in                B. brought in                C. turned in                D. put in

11. A. solve                     B. produce                     C. work                    D. develop

12. A. assistant                 B. manager              C. coach                          D. guider

13. A. occupied                 B. suitable                C. flexible                D. available

14. A. request                   B. recommendation     C. invitation               D. compromise

15. A. competed                 B. voted                     C. connected               D. responded

16. A. obtain                    B. recognize               C. approve                        D. admit

17. A. in person                        B. with delight          C. by chance               D. on purpose

18. A. During                  B. Before                 C. By                      D. After

19. A. appointment             B. practice                C. experience           D. preparation

20. A. demanded              B. respected               C. protected                D. needed


In my living room, there is a plaque that advises me to “bloom    1    you are planted”. It reminds me of Dorothy. I got to know Dorothy in the early 1980s, when I was teaching Early Childhood Development through a program. The job    2    (responsible) required occasional visits to the classroom of each teacher in the program. Dorothy stands out in my memory as on one    3    bloomed in her remote area.

Dorothy taught in a remote school near Harlan. To get to her school from the town of Harlan, I followed a road    4    (wind) around the mountain. In the eight-mile journey, I crossed the same railroad track five times, giving the possibility of     5    (catch) by the same train five times. Rather than feeling excited by this drive through mountains, I found it depressing. The poverty level was shocking and the small shabby houses gave me the greatest feeling of    6    (hope).

From the moment of my arrival at the little school, all my gloom disappeared. Upon arriving at Dorothy’s classroom, I was greeted with smiling faces and treated like a queen. The children    7    (prepare) to show me their    8    (late) projects. Dorothy told me with a smile that they were serving poke greens salad and cornbread they made themselves for dinner.

Lonely    9    she was far away from the modern civilization and convenience, she never ran out of reports of exciting activities of her students. Her enthusiasm never cooled down. She passed all the tests    10    (excellent)and I found that Dorothy was really blooming where life had planted her.


As is often the case, when people are attending to meetings, having meals or waiting for buses, you can always find them addicting to their phones, completely ignoring others.

This is really a common phenomena in our life. The reason is why smart phones nowadays can be used for people to play mobile games and kept in touch with friends through QQ and WeChat. Therefore, too much exposure to phones are bad for people in terms of health. Moreover, people involved in phones fail to communicate well with these around them.

As far as I am concerned, people should wisely make use of their phones to help their work and study. Meanwhile, care much about their family and friends rather than mobile phones. 






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